Jesse and Haley Millar



Jesse and Haley Millar have spent the last 5 years serving as shepherds among the international community in Denver.  Then in Fall of 2015 they officially launched as missionaries to Ethiopia.  God has called them to spend themselves for the internationals of Ethiopia, advocating on their behalf.  To spark a long lasting international outreach here in Ethiopia that would impact the region and the rest of the world!

Whether the hundreds of thousands of Refugees flooding through the Ethiopian borders or the Chinese and Indian business men and women—all need the love and compassion of Jesus.  

Currently they are working with Beza International Ministries to see a wave of God’s revival among the internationals in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.  As revival grows, it grows on the backs of the internationals that carry God’s presence.

As we reach out to the internationals in our city, we are seeing hopelessness turn into joy, isolation turn into homes full of love, and empty hearts filled with God’s presence.
— Jesse Millar

Our strategy is focused yet has a comprehensive impact—

  • Build Christ-Centered, Spirit-Filled communities that welcome foreigners with loving arms;
  • Develop Ethiopian Christians as mission-minded believers to their neighbors, and
  • At all costs, increase the church’s ability to obey God’s Spirit—starting with our own life.  
If Ethiopia is transformed by God’s love, the rest of the region will respond in kind. And God is going to use Ethiopia to do it!
— Jesse Millar

Together Jesse and Haley are committed to seeing the Hope of Jesus sparked, realized and restored in Ethiopia and among the Internationals who call Ethiopia home.  

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All for the King!

Treat the foreigners like native-born. Love them as you love yourself
— Leviticus 19:33
Jesse and Haley Millar                                                                                                              Photo by Bruce Primrose

Jesse and Haley Millar                                                                                                              Photo by Bruce Primrose