Jesse and Haley Millar



Jesse and Haley Millar are Missionaries in Ethiopia, Called to Spark a Missional Movement from Ethiopia to Africa and the rest of the world.  

They fulfill this call by serving at Beza International Ministries to see a Missional Discipleship movement take root.  They are working to develop an African Discipleship small group program currently being piloted in over 60 small groups across the city of Addis Ababa.  

Since God turned their attention to Africa, they have seen God’s hand use them miraculously to heal, to deliver, and to save.  They see God’s empowering presence most as they empower Africans to do the work of the ministry.  One of their greatest joys in serving as Missionaries to Ethiopia is seeing the Hands of begging turn into the hands of blessing.  


Our strategy is focused yet has a comprehensive impact—

  • Build Christ-Centered, Spirit-Filled communities that welcome foreigners with loving arms;

  • Develop Ethiopian Christians as mission-minded believers to their neighbors, and

  • At all costs, increase the church’s ability to obey God’s Spirit—starting with our own life.

Together Jesse and Haley are committed to seeing the Hope of Jesus sparked, realized and restored in Ethiopia and among the Internationals who call Ethiopia home.  

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Jesse and Haley Millar Photo by Bruce Primrose

Jesse and Haley Millar Photo by Bruce Primrose