Oneness in Christ
We are better together.

God’s Created People
We honor the Image of God in all peoples.

Defending the Weak
We believe in God’s strength and stand by the weak until justice is led to victory.

God-Given Gifts in Us
We use what we have and offer all we are to be servant workers in God’s harvest field.

God’s Way
We prepare the way of the Lord and do the work of John the Baptist/Elijah by turning the hearts of the fathers & children to each other and announcing the coming King – Jesus, who is the way.

We intentionally embrace the beauty of cultures.

Diverse Leadership
We empower diverse ethnic, generational and gender leadership that the congregation may reflect heaven.

And nations shall come to your light and kings to the brightness of your rising.
— Isaiah 60:3

The Command and Commission of Christ
Making disciples comes from having authentic relationships that lovingly seek and save the lost.

We believe in the power of Christ to reconcile people to each other.

By serving and learning in teams, people will grow from seekers to followers, from followers to leaders, from leaders to leader-makers, and in every stage of growth, servants of all.